Why bespoke rather than packaged software?

Bespoke software allows your computer system to enhance your working practice, instead of you changing your working practice to suit the computer system. A packaged system may do most of the job simply, but the things that it can't do can take most of your time. A bespoke system can be developed to perform all tasks required. It is also easier and faster to amend a bespoke system, as you normally have to wait for a new release for enhancements to a package Isn't bespoke expensive? Usually not - We have developed many systems over the years, and we develop those as modules that we can use on new projects, so we don't re-write every system from scratch. As we are the authors, we can enhance systems to suit. We may have the system you require already, so the costs are minimal. We will give a quotation for any requirements, and minor on-going amendments are done as part of the support charges.

What is Linux?

Linux is a free Unix-type operating system developed under the GNU General Public License , the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone. Linux's functionality, adaptability and robustness, has made it the main alternative for proprietary Unix and Microsoft operating systems.Many giants of the computing world, including IBM and Hewlett Packard have embraced Linux and support its ongoing development. More than a decade after its initial release, Linux is being adopted worldwide as a server platform primarily. Its use as a home and office desktop operating system is also on the rise.

What is Eloquence?

Software partners in many parts of the world appreciate Eloquence as a powerful, reliable and flexible tool for cost-effective development, execution, customization and maintenance of commercial applications. A host of features, not found in such a combination in other development and run-time environments, makes Eloquence unique and well suited to virtually all data processing tasks

What about number of users?

There is no user licence minimum or maximum limit for our applications, and there is no price break dependant on the number of users. The only thing that increases with the number of users is the support charge. Note: Dependant on your circumstances, there may be an operating system licence requirement for Windows and/or Linux/Eloquence.

We already have some PC's - can we use them on Linux?

Whilst Linux can be used very effectively on the desktop, we usually use Linux for the server, and Windows desktops for the users. A Java window is used to access the application on the server, so you can use the PC's you have already.

I don't know how to use Linux

You do not need any Linux experience to have a Linux server. We administer and support the server, usually remotely so you don't have to worry about it. The Clients are normally Windows which you should be familiar with.

What is the account login for?

This will give customers access to their account information and download invoices.