Welcome to GB Systems - Business Computer Solutions.

We design, develop, install and support bespoke systems for the business community on both the Windows® and Linux platform.

With over 25 years experience in the business computer industry, we are sure to be able to provide powerful software and support solutions, which fit your business requirements quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Together with the platform flexibility, this presents a powerful option to anybody requiring a real-time and fully integrated computerised solution to match their business needs.

Flexibility has also been a theme with the software solutions as these cover many business environments. These include steel stockholders, fastener stockholders, plastic formers, commodity brokers, Oilfield Engineering, distribution systems, automobile exhaust emission analysis, finance systems, engineering & manufacturing control, retail and EPOS, and many more.

In the volatile business environment, management priorities change with the market requirements, and we find that the computer applications often require enhancing to reflect this. Packaged software cannot be that flexible, and it can mean the difference between a successful business and an average one.

For more information, please peruse our web site, or just call us on:

01902 824381.

Bespoke development on the Windows® platform Bespoke development on the Linux platform Eloquence is a well integrated development and runtime environment for business applications. HP Reseller